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TimeTec Visitor Management System
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Welcoming Visitors, Maintaining Security with TimeTecVMS

A Visitor Management System is a necessary tool to provide that safety and security measure in keeping safe your workplace from external threats. TimeTecVMS offers a solution for a reliable screening process, verification method and information storage by using cloud technology.

TimeTecVMS uses web logins to access features in managing and monitoring visitors to your workplace such as online visit applications, visitor list, automated reports and more. With a VMS of your own, you can evaluate potential visitors by allowing them to apply for visitation rights online and provide the required information including name, contact details, company name, date and duration of visit, and more. Should the visitor wishes to meet a specific employee, then the visitee name and department can also be included during the online registration. Visitors and visitees will receive email notifications on the applications's statuses.

With TimeTec VMS at your side, you can expect a reduction in costs for software and hardware purchases as well as maintenance and service charges, as the cloud environment of TimeTec gives you one-stop access to managing visitors. All you need is an Internet connection and you are good to go!

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To manage visitors with the designated floors, gates and doors they can access via Mobile App, you can integrate TimeTec VMS with our cloud based access control system TimeTec Access, together with our IoT products.

TimeTec Access
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